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The RMR Group's Value Added Approach

RIF utilizes The RMR Group’s direct experience in managing four publicly listed equity REITs and managing a multi billion dollar commercial real estate portfolio to evaluate potential investments. Senior managers of The RMR Group also serve as portfolio managers of RIF, and will provide RIF with a competitive advantage when selecting REIT securities.

The RMR Group Experience:

Buy, sell and operate multi billion dollar portfolio of commercial real estate
Operate publicy listed equity REITs with diverse property holdings.
The RMR Group has executed multi billion dollars worth of capital market transactions since 1986.
The RMR Group has successfully managed real estate businesses through different market environments since 1986.
The RMR Group oversees a large real estate operation with real estate professionals and offices located throughout the U.S.

Applied to Security Selection:

Perform bottom up financial analysis of real estate.
Perform top down analysis of real estate markets and capital markets.
Evaluate capital structure and dividend safety of potential investments.
Evaluate management, its strategies and potential for successful execution of business plans.